The Tutorial Guide To DanceForms

by Janet Randell

New digital interactive dance resource guide. Discover dance and choreography the digital way.

An introduction to the digital dance and choreography software called DanceForms. Inspired and used by the late Merce Cunningham, The Tutorial Guide to DanceForms is designed for choreographers, teachers, students and dancers of all ages and physical abilities. Janet Randell takes the user on a fascinating journey to discover choreography and animation using DanceForms, through interactive tutorials, challenges and demonstrations in The Guide.

Digital Interactive Resource Guide

Foreword by Merce Cunningham

© Cedar Dance Animations Ltd

Distributed by Credo Interactive Inc.

Devised, written, choreographed, animated and produced by Janet Randell

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Filming at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Selections of dances, directed and choreographed by Janet Randell, were filmed at the Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury. These included dances from The Tutorial Guide To DanceForms, and extracts from Passing Moments.

Cedar Dance Theatre Updates

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Autumn 2010

Autumn 2011

Extract from Company rehearsals for Passing Moments, a new experimental dance for film, inspired by the life and writings of Anne Frank, with music by Chopin and choreography by Janet Randell. Dancers from The Cedar Dance Theatre Company.

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